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Like the pattern on a Zebra or Leopard, no two crocodile skins are the same.
Each skin has an individual scale pattern making every genuine crocodile leather product unique.

Genuine Crocodile Leather

The skins used in the manufacture of our crocodile leather goods are sourced from crocodiles raised at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures in Far North Queensland, Australia.  The crocodile farm operates as a government approved ‘closed farm’ where no wild caught Queensland crocodiles are used for skin products.

Manufactured in Japan

Croctique works with Tokyo based tanners and manufacturers renowned for their superior workmanship to produce bespoke leather goods for the discerning buyer; experimenting with bold colours, novel finishes and custom designs.  The luxury leather goods are produced in small batches with limited styles in each colour range, ensuring a level of exclusivity for our Australian and international clients.

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